92% of Healthy Families Alexandria mothers had at least 24 months between subsequent births.

Healthy Families Program

Northern Virginia Family Service (NVFS) Healthy Families Programs provides free services to pregnant women and first-time parents. Intensive home visits are made on a weekly basis by trained Family Support Workers.

  • We teach pregnant women about nutritious eating and the importance of consistent prenatal care in order to ensure healthy birth outcomes.
  • We explain and model positive parenting skills in order to help parents bond with their infants and toddlers and discipline them in loving and effective ways.
  • We assess the child regularly as s/he grows to ensure proper physical, intellectual, language, social and emotional development;  we refer parents to early intervention services as needed.
  • We connect parents to vital community services, such as health providers, playgroups, child care and preschools, as well as any necessary emergency services, such as food banks and shelters.

The NVFS Health Families programs are affiliated with Healthy Families America, an initiative of Prevent Child Abuse America, and is an active member of the 36-site Healthy Families Virginia network.  NVFS Health Families offers programs in the following areas:

Program Eligibility

Eligibility for the Healthy Families program is based on findings from an initial assessment using the Kempe Family Stress Checklist.  Specific criteria for eligibility are the following:
  • Participants must live in the Healthy Families area you wish to participate..
  • Participants must be pregnant with or parenting their first child in the United States.
  • The mother must be pregnant with and/or the target child must be under 2 weeks of age at the time of referral.
  • The target child must be less than three months old at pre-enrollment (assignment to Family Support Worker).
  • Participants must screen and assess positively according to the Healthy Families Alexandria Screening and Parent Interview procedures.
  • Participant must not be currently enrolled in another intensive home visiting program such as Alexandria Resource Mothers or Early Head Start, unless coordinated, concurrent services are indicated.
Exceptions to these criteria may be allowed depending on community needs.

For more information on the above locations services and events please email or call the above contact or visit their web page for additional details.

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