After joining NVFS' Intervention, Prevention & Education program, 73% of gang-involved youth reduced or ended their gang involvement.

Become a IPE Mentor

Youth involved in our IPE program are in need of consistent, positive, adult role models who are willing to share their time. Studies demonstrate that youth in a mentoring relationship for a year are: less likely than their peers to start using illegal drugs and alcohol; less likely to skip a day of school and to skip class; and more trusting of their parents or guardians. These outcomes reinforce the goals and objectives of the IPE program, and a one-on-one mentoring relationship will help to support IPE youth with the continued achievement of their identified goals once short-term IPE services are completed.

Mentoring Opportunities with IPE:

You can be a volunteer mentor and provide youth with support, guidance, a listening ear, reinforcement and constructive example. The program asks for a commitment of at least one year, and the willingness to be available once a week to meet with a mentee. The specific nature of the activities will depend on the needs and interests of the youth as identified by the youth and the caregiver and integrated into an individualized service plan (ISP) carried out by the mentor under the supervision of the IPE counselor. The mentor’s role may include but is not limited to career exploration, life skills development, going to sports, entertainment or cultural events, or tutoring.

Mandatory Training Sessions 

Training will be offered to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence to provide mentoring activities addressing the needs of youth in this program. After successfully completing the phone interview, in-person interview, and background check forms, you will be invited to participate in the training.

The trainings are a total of 8 hours, and are offered four times per year. You have the option of attending one full-day session or four 2 hour weekday sessions. Attending the entire training session is mandatory prior to starting. The topics covered include the role of a mentor, understanding IPE youth, setting boundaries, communication skills, goal setting, signs of gang involvement, cultural competency, and adolescent development. Please see the upcoming events for training dates!

 Expectations for Mentors:

      -          Meet weekly with assigned youth in a community-based setting.

-          Respect your mentee and be responsible for your relationship with him/her

-          Communicate as needed with program staff

-          Be a good role model for your mentee and others

-          Implement youth development strategies learned in the initial training on an ongoing basis

-          Remain actively committed to the program and your youth for at least one year.

-          Maintain appropriate boundaries with youth, families, and other professionals.

-          Report suspected child abuse and neglect.



-          Over 21 years of age

-          Willing and able to commit to one calendar year with the potential to continue if desired

-          Pass screening requirements, including a written application, phone screening, in-person interview, personal references, criminal record and Child Abuse Central Registry check, and DMV checks.

-          Attend the mandatory initial trainings and follow-up group sessions

-          Demonstrate good judgment, a high level of personal and professional responsibility, and the ability to follow through on commitments.

-          Ability to interact respectfully with people regardless of difference in culture, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status.

-          Complete monthly report forms for NVFS Mentoring Staff and respond to ongoing communications from staff regarding requests for information, updates, etc.

-          No pending charges, dropped charges, or convictions within the last year*

 *Some charges will be barriers to participation regardless of when they originated. Please contact us with questions regarding this.

 *Some charges will be barriers to participation regardless of when they originated. Please contact us with questions regarding this.

How do I apply to become a mentor?

To sign up for an interview, or for more information about the program, please contact Henry Amaya (571-748-2562,

Application Forms

All volunteers must complete the agency volunteer application, statement of confidentiality, and statement of commitment. All mentor applicants must also complete the mentor application and volunteer driver form. Please click on the name of each form to download.