2017 CARE Awards Application

Please note: The application deadline for the 2017 CARE Awards has passed. The application for the 2018 CARE Awards will be available in March 2018. To stay in touch and receive important reminders, please contact Lindsey Kearney at lkearney@nvfs.org or 571.748.2560.

To be eligible for a CARE Award, businesses must be located (not necessarily headquartered) in Northern Virginia. Previous winners are encouraged to apply again.

Semi-finalists must participate in a confidential web-based survey of all their Northern Virginia-based employees.

Finalists should be prepared to discuss all information in more detail during an on-site interview. Each organization selected to participate will receive a copy of their survey results.

The forms should be completed and certified by a senior HR official in your organization. The last form will require certification by a Senior Executive as well. Since the application process can be lengthy, we recommend you have all of your benefits documentation on hand as you begin.

Companies in the top quartile of employee engagement report:

Customer Satisfaction
higher customer metrics

higher productivity

higher profitability

Talent Retention
lower turnover (at high-turnover organizations)

Talent Retention
lower turnover (at low-turnover organizations)