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#MYWHY – Become Social Media Famous

Have you been vaccinated already? Can’t wait to tell the world about it?!? Please tell us about it by sending us a 10-15 second video about why you decided to get vaccinated to Jenee Padmore. We will use your testimonial to spread the word about the importance of getting vaccinated.

  • Hashtag It! Consider adding the following hashtags to your posts so we’re all on the same page: #MyWhy, #LoveProtectUs, #HazloPorAmor, #HealthierStrongerVaccinated

Your testimonials, regardless of the platform you choose, are vital to spreading the word about the importance of getting vaccinated.

Digital Content Resources to Share and Inform

We have found the following have excellent material for those interested in amplifying COVID-19 and vaccination information. These National Databases of curated messages were developed and tested in partnership with LatinX, African American/Black, and Native Pacific Islander communities.

  • COVID-19 Community Resources
    • A comprehensive site, some of the items they have available are social media assets, fact sheets, videos, toolkits, and communication guides, key messages, webinars.
  • #LoveProtectUs
    • A site that effectively encourages and highlights the people and stories of Black/African Americans, their family, and community during times of COVID and in getting their vaccine. Resources include vaccine Q&A, poignant video from a Doctor of color, and example posts from social media followers.
  • #HazloPorAmor:
    • A site available in Spanish and English that effectively encourages and highlights the LatinX community.

Please feel free to add your logo to the content you share!

On Identifying Credible Sources

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Weekly Downloadable Content

We invite you, the public, our partners, staff, and clients, to join us in sharing the messages we focus on each week. Each week we post a new digital asset. Of course, you are welcome to tailor your own messages for your audience. You know them best!

See below for some of the ones we’ve posted thus far.

Below is a slider to view the different downloadable content. Beneath that is each social media asset link to download in English, or Spanish where available. For a copy without the NVFS logo, so that you can add your own, please visit the COVID-19 Community Resources center.

3-29 English
3-29 Spanish
Vaccine DNA 4-9-21
Vaccine DNA 4-9-21 Spanish
J and J
J and J - spanish
KP-PGP 4-16-21
KP-PGP 4-23-21
KP-PGP 4-30
Three Vaccines.1
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There is No Live Virus in the Vaccine – English, Spanish

Vaccine Does Not Change Your DNA – English, Spanish

Which Vaccine Brand is Best – English

FDA and CDC Paused Johnson & Johnson Vaccine – English, Spanish

Dr. Daisy Dodd Testimonial – English, Spanish

No Miracle Cures – English

Protecting Ourselves, Family, and Community – English

Three COVID-19 Vaccines in the US – English

Vaccines are the Last Piece of Protection – English

Vaccine Technology Development – English

Vaccine Review and Approval – English

Vaccine Lowers the Chances of Getting COVID-19 – English



Copyright disclosure

The resources on the following page are free to download and share. We encourage the use of our resources for infection prevention education, provided that the information is not modified. Please attribute these resources to Northern Virginia Family Services (NVFS) and include the links to additional resources (if applicable).

For further information or questions reach out to Jenée Padmore.