General Information

The Pay It Forward Direct Assistance Loan Program provides emergency assistance to Loudoun County residents experiencing a financial emergency brought about by personal or community crisis, with re-payment back to the fund for use by others.

  • Loan amounts are capped at $2,000 per loan.
  • Recipients must agree to a payment plan. Loans will be interest-free for the first 6 months. After 6 months, the simple interest rate will be 2% until the loan is fully re-paid.
  • Additional loans may be considered following full repayment of an existing loan.
  • The maximum length of the loan will be 36 months
  • All distributions will be made directly to vendors on behalf of the approved applicant; no funds will be distributed to individuals.
  • NVFS will work with applicants to identify required documentation for Loan approval
  • NVFS will work with applicants to establish a payment plan, including interest-based on individual circumstances and resources.
  • Interest paid by borrowers will be reinvested into the loan pool and will support the sustainability of the “Pay it Forward” Direct Assistance Loan Program

In order to qualify for assistance from the “Pay It Forward” Direct Assistance Loan Program, the recipient must satisfy all of the following requirements:

  • Must be a current Loudoun County resident.
  • Distributions are made on behalf of individuals/families only; businesses, schools, associations, nonprofit organizations and faith communities are not eligible.
  • Applicant must be able to provide documentation to demonstrate that the current financial need is relative to community or personal crisis. This documentation will vary depending on the crisis or individual situation.

Our goal is to complete this process with you as quickly as possible.

  1. Complete and submit the application form below
    • For assistance completing the form and assembling supporting documents, please call 571-748-2994.
  2. Assemble supporting documents as appropriate and described in the next section
  3. Provide supporting documentation in one of three ways:
    • Upload documents via the form below
    • Email supporting documents to
      • Please write the name of the person requesting assistance on the top of all documents
      • Please indicate in the body of the email the name and address of the person requesting assistance
  4. Print and fill out the Pay It Forward application form and fax to 703-952-9086
    • Fax cover sheet must indicate the applicant’s name and address
    • Please write the name of the person requesting assistance on the top of all documents

You must submit a copy of a photo ID containing a residential address along with at least one documentation of loss.

Some examples of documentation of loss include:

    • Copy of pre-emergency and post- emergency paystubs demonstrating loss of income
    • Copy of reduction in hours statement from employer indicating related cause for those not receiving any pay
    • Confirmation of unemployment application
    • If requesting assistance for a medical cost or co-pay, please provide a copy of the bill
    • For childcare, an invoice or bill indicating the cost

All data is kept confidential and secure. You will receive an email verification of receipt of your application within three business days.

For additional local and state resources and information guides related to the COVID-19 crisis, please click here.


Please be sure to include the required supporting documents.

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