Recognizing Self-Worth With Training Futures

Career Development

Before Jari found Training Futures, she had little motivation in life. She was on welfare, unemployed and suffered from both substance abuse and mental health issues. It wasn’t until she was introduced to Training Futures that she even considered the idea that she was worth more.

NVFS’ Training Futures is a nationally recognized workforce development program with proven results, providing training for living-wage professional office careers. It offers an innovative curriculum in a simulated office environment.

Apart from the educational training that was provided to Jari through Training Futures, NVFS – which provides a wide range of services – also provided counseling and other resources to assist with her mental health issues and substance abuse.

“Training Futures gave me the boost to know I can do it. I was on welfare and insecure. I was depressed. [This program] helped me and my self-esteem,” said Jari.

Because of Training Futures, not only is Jari employed, working as the Program Office Manager at George Mason University’s College of Education, but she’s also back in school and passing each course she takes at George Mason. On top of being able to provide for herself, she’s also able to send money back to her family in her home country.

“The opportunity to help my family financially is a great feeling,” Jari said. “Training Futures inspired me to value my self-worth.”

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