Village of Impact Offers Insight into Child Abuse and Prevention

Test your knowledge with this true or false quiz:
1. In the United States, 4 to 5 children die every week from child abuse or neglect.
False. It’s much worse. 4 to 5 children die per day from child abuse or neglect; that is 1,720 deaths per year.

2. Younger children are at greater risk of child abuse and neglect than are older children.
True. Younger children are small and are in the most critical stages of developmental growth, need constant care and cannot defend themselves. Other risk factors, regardless of a child’s age, are special needs children (physical, developmental, intellectual, medical disabilities), those living in poverty or experiencing financial hardship, and those experiencing violence in their home or community.

3. Sexual abuse is the most common type of child abuse and neglect that is reported.
False. Physical neglect, including lack of adequate supervision, is the most common, representing 56% of cases; sexual abuse is just under 10% of cases.

4. Most perpetrators are people who are known to the child.
True. Only 5% are unknown relationships.

5. NVFS programs help prevent child abuse and neglect.
True. Learn more about these programs on the following pages: Healthy Families, Early Head Start and Head Start, Therapeutic Foster Care, Youth Initiative.

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These and many more are produced by our partners at SCAN of Northern Virginia.

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