Core services

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NVFS prides itself on being accessible for people of all walks of life, being an agency they can trust, providing the services they need. We recognize the unique needs, circumstances, and culture of each of our immigrant neighbors and have developed a system around a core set of services that have proven effective in increasing resiliency, while also allowing us to adapt our services in response to new or urgent needs.

Some of our core services include:

  • Supporting immigrant clients with wraparound services designed to address their basic, legal, and mental health needs
  • Providing services, including mental health care and social services to survivors of torture and trauma
  • Conducting Know Your Rights training in communities to inform immigrant residents of their legal rights and of the services available to them
  • Teaching immigrant teens the skills necessary to thrive in their new communities: including decision making, critical thinking, and healthy relationships
  • Connecting teens with positive extra-curricular activities and access to community resources to help improve their school performance and promote better choices
  • Helping families navigate the challenges of reunification after immigration-related separations
  • Providing trauma recovery services for youth who have experienced violence
  • Providing professional development and training to professionals who serve children (e.g., counselors, teachers, etc.) to increase their capacity to respond effectively to the needs of immigrant youth and families

Our community’s needs are growing and evolving every day, and NVFS’ expertise is needed more, now than ever. We need YOUR help to meet this increased need.

Please consider partnering with NVFS to increase our ability to assist the resilient immigrant families and individuals that call Northern Virginia home. Join us in fostering a strong, vibrant community. Please donate today.

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