Homelessness & Housing

Homeless Shelters & Affordable Housing Assistance

Shelter is a basic need for everyone, and it’s the foundation from which families and individuals can begin to build, or rebuild, their potential to live independently. We provide emergency shelter to safely house those in need of immediate assistance, as well as help with rent, utilities and subsidies to prevent homelessness from occurring.

Housing Programs

Fairfax County
Bridging Affordability
Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG)
Virginia Homeless Solutions Program (VHSP)
Short-Term Rental Assistance Program

Prince William County
Affordable Dwelling Units

Regional Housing Assistance Program (RHAP)
Tenant-Based Rental Assistance
Short-Term Rent Mortgage and Utilities
Community Case Management
Permanent Housing Placement

Eliminating Homelessness

“Eliminating the urgency of food insecurity and homelessness are the foundational needs for many of our shelter residents. Once we remove those overwhelming stressors, our expert program and case managers move quickly to identify our clients’ underlying barriers to thriving in our communities.”
– Andrea Eck, Executive Vice President of Programs