Workforce Development

Building a Stronger Northern Virginia Workforce

NVFS offers a variety of programs that provide individuals with the necessary skills, knowledge and resources to build brighter futures for themselves, for their families and for the Northern Virginia community. A parent with marketable job skills, and sometimes simply the ability to travel to a higher-paying job, has the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty within their family.

At NVFS, we help people reach their fullest potential and create opportunities for a brighter, more hopeful future by:

  • enhancing workforce skills to obtain higher-paying jobs with benefits,
  • teaching classes and providing resources to create new businesses,
  • providing transportation options to increase schedule flexibility, and
  • helping individuals build financial credit.

These tools provide more control over the workforce options available to our neighbors and enhance the economic development capacity of the overall community.

A Stronger Workforce Creates a Stronger Community

Higher Skill, Higher Salary
wage increase for Training Futures graduates

new businesses launched

cars distributed to low-income families, providing access to more jobs and more school activities

Our Stories

Life Skills
Ada |

Ada received the support and resources she needed to become “a better mom, better co-worker and a better human being” through NVFS.

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Early Childhood Development
Sezounde |

With services from Early Head Start and social interactions with their peers at daycare, both of Sezounde’s children are hitting all the right milestones — and she now has the tools with which to build them a brighter future.

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Life Skills
Anatolia |

When Anatolia became pregnant at 19, she wasn’t sure where to turn. She knew she needed help to prepare for her new role as a mom and found support through NVFS to ensure her success as a parent, and in creating a brighter future for herself and her daughter.

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Mercedes |

Mercedes owned her own truck and made an hourly rate by renting it out to a friend to use as a snow plow. When she found out how much her friend made, plowing snow for VDOT, she decided to look into becoming a snow plow contractor herself.

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Octavio |

With Escala’s assistance, Octavio completed his business plan for a full-service electrical contracting company and had the guidance he needed to successfully move forward. His salary has increased by 50 percent, and he has been able to successfully send two of his children to college.

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Abby |

Bringing home a new baby, especially her first, is often the happiest moment of a mother’s life. However, this was not the case for Abby. Learn how NVFS helped her receive the parenting support she needed, as well as housing and transportation, to improve her circumstances.

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Career Development
Crystal |

Crystal needed a car to help her get to work and transport her family. But what she received from NVFS was much more than a vehicle; she was connected to NVFS’ Training Futures program and gained both the skills and confidence she needed to build a brighter future.

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