CARE Awards

Recognizing Northern Virginia workplaces on the leading edge of change and innovation in providing family-friendly benefits and policies

Presented by NVFS, CARE (Companies As Responsive Employers) is a natural extension of NVFS’ mission to help strengthen Northern Virginia families and the community as a whole.

Community stewardship, workplace flexibility and employee well-being are great ways for Northern Virginia companies to demonstrate commitment to strong families and a strong community, as well as to gain an edge in hiring skilled, motivated workers.

For more than 25 years, NVFS has presented the annual CARE Award to applicants that meet the award’s standards in all of these categories. CARE is on the leading edge of change and innovation in the workplaces of Northern Virginia, given that work and family are intertwined in most people’s lives. CARE is a logical outgrowth of NVFS’ mission to empower individuals and families to find stability and self-sufficiency, and to promote community cooperation in responding to family needs.

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Highlighting Corporate Social Responsibility

NEW THIS YEAR: As corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become an effective tool for increasing employee engagement, productivity and workplace wellness, it has become a key pillar of CARE-ing companies. The CARE Awards process will place an increased emphasis on creating a stronger Northern Virginia community through community engagement and CSR.

In November 2017, NVFS’ CARE Awards celebrated 25 years of honoring responsive employers and their influence on the changing dynamic of the Northern Virginia workforce. To commemorate this banner anniversary year, NVFS hosted a special panel of industry leaders to inspire business and workplace evolution in the years ahead. Learn more about the history of the CARE Award here.

The Importance of CARE

CARE’s Importance and Benefits

Reps from local businesses and winning companies share their perspectives.

“The CARE Awards is one of the most important programs CustomInk participates in because the application process forces our company to thoroughly analyze what we offer, how well we do it and, most importantly, its actual value to our team.” — Marc Katz, CEO of CustomInk