Internship & Service Learning Opportunities

Providing high-quality, structured, hands-on experiences

NVFS is committed to training and supporting the education, growth and development of future mental health, social services and nonprofit management professionals. As such, NVFS provides high-quality, structured, hands-on internships and service learning opportunities with regular supervision from qualified staff.

These bright and enthusiastic students are the future workforce and leadership of NVFS and other vital human services agencies, and it’s our responsibility and pleasure to invest in training and support. Students benefit from applying their classroom knowledge to “real life” situations. At the same time, NVFS is able to serve more clients and provide them with more intensive and individualized support.


Internships formally integrate academic study with practical experience and are designed to develop students’ professional skills in preparation for post-graduate careers. They are formal agreements between the agency and academic institution with specific requirements. Most internships require a minimum of 15-20 hours per week (about 300+ hours per semester) and many extend over a two-semester period.

  • Clinical Internships: NVFS offers a limited number of clinical internship placements for a master’s in counseling students and second year MSW clinical concentration students.
  • Non-Clinical Internships: A larger number of non-clinical internship placements are available for bachelor’s and master’s students from a variety of academic programs.
Service Learning

Service learning is a hands-on component of an undergraduate college course that is meant to enhance students’ understanding of the course content (also referred to as “learning by doing”). Service learning placements are one semester and have more loosely defined learning objects and range from as little as 20 to as many as 200 hours in a semester.