Multicultural Center

Some mental health and case management services may be provided remotely–please use the information to the right to contact us. 

NVFS’ Multicultural Center provides a wide range of immigration legal, mental health, and case management services, particularly for individuals and families new to the United States. Our services include:

Immigration Legal Services

 Counseling and Mental Health Services (Individuals, Couples, Families)

 Case Management Services

Resources & Media

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Linguistic and cultural differences are often the biggest roadblocks for newcomers. Multicultural Center staff are often from similar regions to its clients and/or speak clients’ languages. Public mental health systems refer their clients to the Multicultural Center in large part because of the vast linguistic and cultural capacity NVFS provides.

Despite higher rates of exposure to trauma (due to experiences of war, death of or prolonged separation from family members, torture, long stays in refugee camps, etc.), these families are less likely to access mental health and other basic services. Cultural, linguistic and socio-economic barriers are strong deterrents, and bridging those barriers is essential to providing critical resources and services.

NVFS’ culturally diverse, highly trained and dedicated mental health professionals are uniquely qualified to work with immigrants and refugees from all over the world. Many NVFS staff are themselves immigrants, refugees and/or members of cultural minorities.

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