Corporate Partnerships

Building a thriving community, together

At NVFS we believe that community well-being starts with a solid foundation for everyone – access to affordable housing, healthcare, nutritious food, high-quality early childhood education, and mental health services – and that community cooperation, collaboration, and partnerships are vital to achieving these goals. Since our founding in 1924, NVFS has continued to evolve programs, collaborations, and partnerships that engage an innovative wraparound approach to support individuals and families in Northern Virginia.

We are grateful for your interest in investing in our community and we look forward to learning more about your company’s interests, needs, expectations, and philanthropic goals. Connect with Sara Kreitzer so we can work together to tailor a partnership that empowers individuals and families in Northern Virginia.

Engagement Opportunities▼

We value our large and small business partnerships and are grateful for their interest and investment in our community because these businesses, their employees, customers, and associates, are not just located in our community, they are part of our community. We connect our partners’ philanthropic goals to meaningful engagement opportunities that reflect their company values and programmatic interests – engagements that translate to measurable positive impacts on the lives of individuals and families in Northern Virginia. To achieve this, we offer a diverse range of engagement opportunities, investment levels, and time and effort involved.


Partnership Benefits▼

We believe that sharing the stewardship of our partners is vital to building a healthy community. When companies partner with NVFS, they demonstrate their company values, moving beyond CSR statements, to deeper investments in individuals and families in our community. We believe sharing the successes of our engaged partners is a cornerstone of our relationship and that each partnership can grow beyond itself as their engagement activities inspire others to join us in the work of building a thriving community for everyone.


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