Non-Clinical Internships

Case management internships for bachelor’s level and master’s level students

One and two-semester case management internships are offered for senior year bachelor’s-level social work students, and for master’s-level social work, counseling, psychology or sociology students. The program places up to about 15-20 students per year. All two-semester internship are fall/spring; one-semester placements can be fall, spring or summer.

Internships are also offered for public health, public administration, public policy and nonprofit management students and can include focuses such as health and mental health services and program development, grant writing and research, fundraising, policy and advocacy and finance.


All applicants must be students in good academic standing, have some previous field experience, and have a strong interest in engaging with low-income and culturally diverse youth and adult populations.


Interns participate in weekly individual and/or group supervision with staff who have advanced degrees in social work, counseling and public administration.


Application Deadlines

  • Fall deadline is Aug. 15
  • Spring deadline is Dec. 15
  • Summer deadline is May 1

Application Materials
Applicants must submit the following to be considered for placement

Application Process

  1. Application is submitted to and reviewed by Community & Volunteer Engagement Specialist.
  2. Director, Internship & Volunteer Engagement refers qualified candidates to the appropriate field supervisor who reviews the applications and selects applicants to interview.
  3. Field supervisor schedules and conducts an in-person interview with selected candidates. In some cases, a second in-person interview may be requested.
  4. Field supervisor and Director, Internship & Volunteer Engagement make final selections and contact applicants to offer placement or to notify them if they haven’t been selected.