Immigrant Resiliency Fund

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NVFS has extensive experience and history of providing services within Northern Virginia’s diverse immigrant communities. As a leading trauma recovery provider, NVFS is uniquely suited to help respond to the immigrant community’s new and evolving challenges with accessible, effective, and individually tailored support.

Using a core set of services we ensure that our neighbors are able to create a safe, healthy, and productive future here in Northern Virginia, even in the midst of adversity.

Immigrants across the region and across the generations have shaped our community. We know the immigrant community and culture in our region because we live and breathe our diverse community every day. More than two-thirds of our clients were born outside of the United States. More than half of NVFS staff are Bicultural, and with staff that speaks a total of 16 different languages, we are proud to be a bilingual agency.

Most importantly though, we recognize that one’s culture is a strength for themselves and the community.

Our region is recovering from the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to the tireless work of essential workers, many of whom are first or second-generation immigrants. The immigrant community’s needs are increasing and evolving every day, and our expertise is in growing demand. We need your help to meet this increased need.

Please consider partnering with NVFS to assist these resilient families and individuals and foster a strong, vibrant community by donating today.

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