3 Ways You’ve Helped Make an Impact in 2017

As we gear up for 2018, our list of goals and resolutions in pursuit of a stronger Northern Virginia continues to grow. Before diving into next year’s plans for uplifting our community, we wanted to take a moment to recognize the impact we made this year and how you’ve helped make a difference.

From providing food assistance at our Hunger Resource Center (HRC) to ensuring new parents receive support and education with our Healthy Families program to providing at-risk youth with purposeful goals through our Intervention, Prevention and Education (IPE) and more, your support helps make all of this possible.

“Because of NVFS… I am able to live my life,” shared Amy, a single mom of two children with autoimmune disorders who benefited from NVFS’ HRC and Vehicles for Change. Through the HRC, Amy gained access to healthy, specialized foods for her children, while Vehicles for Change provided a car for her to effectively and comfortably get her children to and from various doctor’s appointments.

“Because of NVFS… I am more confident at being a parent. I’m not as afraid,” said J, a new dad who worked alongside his wife, Anna, in NVFS’ Healthy Families program. Neither parents had positive role models growing up and were at a loss when their son was born. Because of NVFS, J and Anna now have the necessary tools needed to successfully parent and provide for their child.

“Because of NVFS… I found direction and purpose in my life and learned the importance of perseverance,” said Mario, a troubled teenager on the verge of giving up pursuing his goals. Mario worked one on one with a counselor in NVFS’ IPE program to set goals, and regain a feeling a sense of self-worth and achievement. Mario later found purpose in joining the step team at his school and worked tirelessly to ensure his grades were high enough to remain on the team.

Because of NVFS, more than 35,000 individuals and families in Northern Virginia received necessary support to build a brighter future.

Because of NVFS, Northern Virginia is becoming a better place for everyone, at every stage of their life, to be given the opportunity to contribute to a thriving community.

And because of you, the lives of those in need are being changed in Northern Virginia.

“It amazed me that a stranger could have more faith in me than I did myself,” says Training Futures trainee Crystal Farrington, who went from living below the poverty line to earning a salary and full benefits, something she had always dreamt of, upon graduating from our Training Futures program. “[NVFS] gave me confidence and purpose.”

Because of your help, dreams are being fulfilled, and because of you, more and more people in Northern Virginia are finding their purpose.