Vehicles for Change

Providing much-needed transportation for low-income families

NVFS’ Vehicles for Change program provides qualifying, low-income families with reliable transportation so that they may readily access more job and school opportunities. Vehicles for Change, our partner organization based in the metropolitan D.C. area, provides donated vehicles made road-ready in partnership with local garages, and the community, determines whether the cars are repairable, and prepares them to be road-ready to help a low-income family thrive!

Car Donations: Interested in donating a vehicle to Vehicles for Change to help low-income families achieve financial and personal independence? Learn more here.

Vehicles for Change Information ▼

Donated cars and provide low-income families so they can achieve the financial and personal independence that comes from owning a vehicle such as getting to work and performing daily functions like getting children to daycare, school, and medical appointments. Recipients are responsible for a car payment of $800. Each vehicle comes with a six-month, 6,000-mile warranty and AAA membership. Families are responsible for a deposit, car insurance, taxes, tags, and title fees.

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Vehicle Repair Information ▼

Cars in need of repair and owned by low-income families are eligible to apply for the Vehicles for Change Repair program. Approved families can receive up to $800 in repairs from participating vendors. Working vehicles are virtual to families performing vital functions like getting to work or daily needs like getting children to daycare, school, or medical appointments.

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