Positive Mentoring and Engagement Improve a Teen's Outlook

Youth Development

Mario, a 15-year-old boy, was referred to the Intervention, Prevention & Education (IPE) program by his school counselor. He lived with his mother and older sister. His brother, a positive support for him, no longer lived in the home since he joined the military. His mother had grown frustrated with Mario, with his school counselor citing constant conflict with neighborhood youth, defiant behavior at home and underperforming in school.

Mario’s IPE counselor noted his poor self-esteem, high levels of frustration, and peer relational problems in his neighborhood and at home. The IPE counselor provided a positive role model to Mario while working with him on individual goals, such as summer employment to build his confidence by allowing him to feel a sense of achievement.

While working throughout the summer, Mario attended summer school and passed his class. He also decided to sign up for the school step team and obtained a tutor so that he could keep his grades up in order to stay on the step team.

To help at home, Mario’s IPE counselor also taught his mother how to provide positive encouragement to her son. Mario’s self-esteem has significantly improved, along with his schoolwork, and he now has the foundation for building future goals toward a brighter future.