CARE Awards Application

The CARE Awards application will launch at the end of May 2021. Please stay tuned for an announcement.

To be eligible for a CARE Award, businesses must be located (not necessarily headquartered) in the DC Metro Region. Previous winners are encouraged to apply again. The application should be completed and certified by a senior HR official in your organization. The application requires certification by a senior executive as well.

Semi-finalists must distribute a survey to DC Metro Region-based employees, and a 30 percent response rate is required to remain in consideration. To ensure consistency in our evaluation process, we will not accept other employee surveys in lieu of the survey we provide. Survey results are shared with the applicant.

Finalists should be prepared to discuss all information in more detail during a virtual interview, which may be required as a part of the evaluation process.

Learn More About the Evaluation Process

  • Applications due: June 21
  • Applications screened: June-July
  • Semi-finalists notified/participate in CARE survey: July
  • Finalists’ virtual site visits*: August-September
  • Winners notified: September
  • CARE Awards Breakfast: November 5, 2021

*Not all finalists will have a site visit


A mentoring program is available to help companies through the application process. Any company applying for the first time and/or any company that so requests is assigned a mentor. The mentor helps explain the process, application steps, and benefits of the CARE Award. The mentor also guides the company through the early stages of the application process, as needed.


The CARE Nominating Committee, comprising business leaders, human resource professionals, and former CARE winners work throughout the summer and early fall to select the winners, which are announced in September. The process culminates with the awards presentation at the annual CARE Awards Breakfast, taking place virtually or in-person on November 5, 2021.

Companies in the top quartile of employee engagement report:

Customer Satisfaction
higher customer metrics

higher productivity

higher profitability

Talent Retention
lower turnover (at high-turnover organizations)

Talent Retention
lower turnover (at low-turnover organizations)