Foster Care & Adoption in Northern Virginia

Providing children with safe, healthy homes

NVFS Foster Care provides foster families in Northern Virginia and surrounding areas with the tools and support to build healthy, caring and mutually rewarding relationships. NVFS also helps build healthy relationships between the child and his or her biological parents. As a result, these strong support networks help ensure that foster children are able to create healthy and successful futures for themselves.

NVFS provides both respite and therapeutic programs.

Interested in Becoming a Foster Parent?

NVFS foster and respite parent(s) must be over 21, financially and emotionally stable, responsible and willing to work as a part of a team. Foster and respite parents are culturally diverse, single or married and from all income levels. No experience is required; NVFS provides extensive training. See upcoming training dates here.

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Interested in Adoption?

NVFS also provides adoption home studies for children already in NVFS Foster Care.

NVFS’ strong, caring support to its foster families includes:

Resources for Certified Parents

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Foster Care: Empowered to Connect

The Fostering Experience

“You have to model [respect] so that the kids know how to do it.”