Team Up

Supporting employers and employees with the resources needed to thrive

Team Up is an innovative response to the challenges workers face and to the needs of employers who want to engage and retain their employees, improve job quality, and support their workforce. By offering personalized, immediate, and local individualized assistance when workers need it most, Team Up minimizes work disruptions, decreases absenteeism, improves workers’ financial stability, and ultimately increases employee retention, engagement, and well-being.

Team Up’s Resource Navigators partner with employees to find a tailored solution that addresses their concerns and helps prepare them to tackle future challenges while remaining engaged, and available for any ongoing support or assistance that they may need. Team Up’s support structure is particularly unique because our Navigators are local. Their knowledge, suggestions, and solutions are based on experience living and working in the unique Northern Virginia community. Navigators tailor effective and practical solutions to a variety of life challenges through the integration of employer benefits, community support resources, and both local and federal government programs.

“Since working with Team Up, I have become more optimistic. I feel smarter and am able to make better decisions. I go back to work more productive, knowing that I’m making progress in my life.”
– Employee Testimonial


The Advantages of Team Up▼
  • Team Up is confidential and tailored to each individual and their challenge
  • Bilingual support offered (Spanish and English)
  • Open to family members
  • Clients are supported throughout, even during more extensive processes
  • Navigators proactively follow up with clients to ensure they have met their needs
  • Unlimited services and appointments
  • Team Up works hand-in-hand with clients to help overcome barriers and achieve dreams and goals
  • Navigators work with clients and their schedules, including offering evening and weekend appointments

Common Areas Team Up Assists With▼

Child Care

  • Nanny and babysitting searches
  • Child care centers and Head-Start searches
  • Summer camps searches
  • Special needs resources
  • Assistance with child care applications (social services, scholarships, etc.)


  • Navigating employee health care benefits
  • Navigate employee EAPs (Employee Assistance Program)
  • Stress management tips and coaching

Personal Finance

  • Budgeting, savings, and household expenses
  • Credit management
  • Debt management
  • Referrals to community lending programs

Employee Benefits

  • Maximize benefit plans
  • Navigate healthcare plan
  • Understand Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Utilizing exclusive employee discounts

Public Benefits

  • Analyzing situations to determine eligibility for community assistance programs such as: health coverage, food assistance, housing assistance, transportation assistance, childcare assistance, utility assistance, and job/career training
  • Submitting applications to obtain community assistance

Career & Professional Development

  • Education and tuition planning
  • Career coaching
  • Resume writing
  • Interviewing skills


  • Medicaid free transportation
  • Volunteer rides for Veterans
  • Low-income discounts


How Team Up Differs from Typical EAPs▼
  • Location: Team Up Resource Navigators are local resources that are available to employees. One of the challenges with EAPs is that access is primarily initiated by the employee calling a resource hotline, rather than being directly referred to resources immediately. Team Up Navigators are a direct source of information, thus cutting down on the time spent being transferred from call center to specialist. Instead, Navigators take the call and can immediately start working to address employees’ concerns. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, our Navigators even used to visit offices that were members of Team Up, making it an even more convenient and personal enviornment.
  • Timely Access: EAP resources often require the scheduling of future appointments in order to connect with solutions. Resource Navigators are available to help employees on their schedules. We will work with the client’s schedule and meet their availability. If they are available, we can call them back. EAPs do not call back clients. The employee must initiate the call.
  • Local Expertise: EAPs provide resources on a national or global level as they provide services to a large portfolio of clients. Resource Navigators work directly with a single employer, within the local Northern Virginia community. They have expertise in the issues, resources, and solutions that are available at the local level.
  • Financial Support: EAPs do not provide financial resources such as short-term loans or payments for services. While they may advise on financial resources, they have no access to the rich resources of the community. These resources include financial training, loan programs, advocacy and negotiation with creditors, and more. The Navigator helps employees gain direct access to solutions that address their financial challenges.
  • Individualized Solutions: Resource Navigators create thoughtful, tactical, individualized solutions for the challenges that workers face, integrating the benefits offered by employers, as well as community support resources, government programs, and other solutions. They work with local vendors such as childcare services, auto repair shops, and other providers to negotiate tailored solutions for each individual employee.

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