Health Access

NVFS is one of the largest local providers of health care access.

Insurance coverage is not always a certainty even for the employed, and financial hardship can prevent many from otherwise obtaining services. We believe that access to health care is critical, and that counseling and therapy can be a lifeline for our community’s most vulnerable.


People who are working do not always get adequate benefits; there are many in our community who work and yet have inadequate health care, or none at all. Our goal is to link these low-income adults with health care professionals and other available resources. Services provided include sick visits, physicals, laboratory tests, pharmacy services and dental exams. We also provide a prescription access program, which provides free or low-cost medications.


Parents work hard to give their children everything they want — new toys, clothing, a pet. What may mean little to young children, but will have everything to do with their future success, is quality health care. Our health access programs negotiate with private health care providers so that many children in our community are assured health care. Medical Care for Children Partnership (MCCP) is a partnership led by the Fairfax County Office of Partnerships.