Dental Access

Referrals to low-cost dental clinics

By providing referrals to low-cost dental offices, NVFS helps adults and children regain dental health, leading to both immediate and long-term benefits:

  • Treating dental pain helps stem infections or other dental-related emergencies, and allows patients to eat a full range of healthy foods;
  • Treating minor dental problems before they escalate helps patients save money and stay healthy;
  • Treating dental health issues that also affect appearance helps patients succeed in school, work and/or finding work, and creating and maintaining other social relationships.

Get Assistance

NVFS can help you and your family get access to reduced-cost dental services at a private dental office or clinic. We provide referrals in Prince William County. Please note that NVFS only gives referrals to dental offices and clinics, and we do not provide dental services at any of our offices.

Prince William County Residents