Rising Above Adversity With Training Futures

Career Development

Despite having a Master’s degree from her home country, Simitha lacked the confidence and work experience to work in the U.S. Following her separation from her husband, she was desperate to find a way to provide for herself and utilize her skills in the workforce.

Simitha discovered NVFS’ Training Futures through Northern Virginia Community College’s Adult Career Pathways program that she was participating in. She was hesitant at first, but continued to push on and give Training Futures a chance.

Not only did Training Futures provide Simitha with workforce training and skills to assist her in her quest for employment, but they provided her with so much more.

“The trainers didn’t just teach course materials. They helped me in all aspects with my personal life, calculating my bills and figuring out how to be alone. It was the entire package,” says Simitha.

Today, Simitha joined the NVFS team and is working as a Program Specialist for NVFS’ Bridging Affordability program, helping to provide long-term rental subsidies to homeless individuals and families, all the while being able to provide for herself.

“Anyone who is hardworking needs to be recognized for their efforts,” says Simitha. “It takes a lot to rise above all your difficulties and make something happen for you.”