Strengthening Their Community as Dedicated Supporters

Food Assistance

Sylvia and Ken Wright have been longstanding NVFS supporters, donating both time and resources to the SERVE Family Shelter and Hunger Resource Center (HRC). Driven by a desire to help those in need in our community, especially children, they have helped out where needed, whether picking up or donating food to the HRC or providing arts & crafts activities for the children in the shelter each Tuesday.

“One day a little person said, with a big smile on his face, ‘I’ve been waiting all week for Tuesday.’ Hearing those words made my heart smile,” Sylvia recalls of her weekly activities. “All children deserve joy and happiness, especially during trying times.”

Volunteering is an incredibly fulfilling experience for the Wrights — an activity they see as a critical support for their local community and one they feel blessed they can provide.

“It’s one of the most rewarding, selfless things you can do in life,” Sylvia shares. “We are all people, and we need each other to survive. No man is an island.”

“We live in a reciprocal universe, where you reap what you sow,” Ken adds. “If you want good fortune to come back to you and yours in volumes, plant ample amounts of assistance, love and good fortune to those who are vulnerable and hurting.”

NVFS was particularly attractive to the Wrights as a volunteer outlet because of the clear impact the Wrights felt they were able to make through the organization.

“I could see viscerally and in person that it was helping many less-fortunate people in a very tangible and potent way,” Ken notes. “Northern Virginia is one of the wealthiest areas in the entire United States. With much due respect to other opinions, I believe because of NVFS, it will continue to prosper. It’s a charity that can be trusted, with many various outreaches to help the less fortunate.”

We appreciate all of their help through the support they provide, the generosity they share and the joy they bring to our neighbors in need.