Clinical Internships

For master’s in counseling and master’s in social work students

NVFS offers two-semester clinical internships for master’s in counseling and master’s in social work students who have previous counseling experience. The program is small, placing up to four to six students total at one time. While the majority of internships are fall/spring, we also accept applications for spring/summer and summer/fall.

Clinical opportunities may include therapeutic activities or interventions with culturally diverse clients who have experienced domestic violence, trauma, post-traumatic stress or homelessness. Many clients are recent immigrants who are very unfamiliar with American culture. Clinical services provided include individual and family counseling, support groups and psychiatric care.


Language: The majority of clinical placements require fluency in one of the following languages: Spanish, Amharic, Arabic or Farsi. Applicants fluent in other languages may still be considered. There is extremely limited placement opportunity for applicants without a second language.

Experience & Interest: All applicants must be second year students in good academic standing, have some previous experience counseling adults or children, and have a strong interest in cross-cultural issues and community-based services.


NVFS offers one hour of individual supervision each week with a licensed professional counselor or licensed social worker. Some placements may include group supervision in addition to individual supervision. Please note that some programs have requirements for additional training, team meetings/group supervision, and evening or Saturday hours.


Application Deadlines

  • Fall/spring deadline is March 15
  • Spring/summer deadline is Sept. 30
  • Summer/fall deadline is Jan. 31

Application Materials
Applicants must submit the following to be considered for placement

Application Process

  1. Applications are submitted to and reviewed by Community & Volunteer Engagement Specialist.
  2. Director, Internship & Volunteer Engagement contacts applicants to schedule a phone interview.
  3. Director, Internship & Volunteer Engagement refers top candidates to Clinical Coordinator who reviews applications and selects applicants to interview.
  4. Clinical Coordinator schedules and conducts in-person interviews with selected applicants. In some cases, a second in-person interview may be requested.
  5. Clinical Coordinator and Director, Internship & Volunteer Engagement make final selections and contact all applicants to offer placement or to notifying them if they haven’t been selected.