Catering and Ghost Kitchen Businesses  (working out of certified shared kitchen spaces) 

Business Name: Chef Ewa Creations

Owner:  Ewa Frasczcyk

Contact Information: Website: Facebook: @ChefEwa Instagram: @chef.ewa Phone, e-mail: (571) 336-216,


Business Name: The Pigeon Pig 

Owner: Giovanni Olivo-Vega

Contact Information: Instagram: @thepigeonpig, 


Business Name: Soul Good Kitchen

Owner: Brandy Clinkscale 

Contact Information: Instagram: @soulgoodktchn  


Business Name: El Chinchorreo 

Owner:  Zaimary and Santiago Carrasquillo

Contact Information: Instagram: @el_chinchorreopr


Business Name: Food 4 Thought DMV 

Owner: Benjamin Grant

Contact Information: Instagram: @food4thoughtdmvllc 


Business Name: Blue Mountain Events 

Owner: Chef Daniel

Contact Information: Phone: 202 215 9031, Website: Blue Mountain Events & Rentals 


Business Name: Zulma´s kitchen

Owner: Zulma Coreas 

Contact Information: 571 502 5295 (in English) 571 282 9802 (in Spanish) 


Business Name: Quick Catering Services & Farmlands Commercial kitchen in MD 

Owner: Joan Bonilla

Contact Information:Website: QUICK CATERING SERVICES Website: Home – Farmland Commercial Kitchen in Rockville, MD


Business Name: That’s What I Am Talking About

Owner: Nekatibeb Hailu

Contact Information:


Business Name: Isla Bonita

Owner: Omar Munoz

Contact Information: Email:, Phone: 787 673 8471, Instagram:   @my.islabonita


Business Name: Cuisine from The Heart 

Owner: Patricia Hargrove

Contact Information: Instagram: @hargrovebusswevllc, Phone: 571 214 2972, Email:


Food Processing Businesses 

Business Name: Roda Juice LLC 

Owner: Roberto Tapia

Contact Information: Website:, Instagram: Roda Juice @rodajuice, Facebook: Roda Juice | Facebook


Pastry, Baked Goods, and Dessert Businesses 

Business Name: Frutika Rika

Owner: Vanessa Ocampo

Contact Information: Facebook: Frutika RIKA | Facebook, Instagram: @frutikarika, Phone, Whatsapp: 202 793 9089 


Business Name: Cake by Kika

Owner: Kristina Antic 

Contact Information: Instagram: @Cakebykika


Business Name: My Alfajor

Owner: Dan Perez 

Contact Information:, Facebook:  My Alfajor | Facebook


Business Name: Pau’s Delights 

Owner: Paula Figueroa

Contact Information: Email: Instagram: @pau.sdelights


Business Name: Freaking Good Cakes

Owner: Pedro Mandriz 

Contact Information: Email:, Website: Freaking Good Cakes 


Business Name: Biscotti by Helen 

Owner: Helen Zahi

Contact Information: Email:, Facebook: Biscotti & more By Helen | Facebook 


Business Name: Nia’Mya’s Sugar Factory

Owner: Regina Lawless

Contact Information: Email: 


Business Name: C Creations 

Owner: Cecilia Lagrand and Jacky Gamboa

Contact Information: Email:, Website:


Food Trucks (also offering catering/can be booked for events)

Business Name: CINCO DE MAYO (David Levy Investments LLC) 

Owner: David Levy

Contact Information: Phone/whatsapp: 703 727 0450, E-mail: 


Business Name: Island Flavourites

Owner: Harlene Lavine

Contact Information: Email:, Phone: 917-287-5516, Website:  


Business Name: Bankok Bites

Owner: Stephanie Lopez Strang 

Contact Information: Email:, Facebook:Bangkok Bites | Facebook 


Other Small Businesses

Square Tacos food truck

Mr American food truck

In Da Kitchen food truck

Habibi Tacos food truck

Business Name: My Little Castle

Owner: Orlando Villarroel,

Contact: Phone: 703 582 6511, Email:, Facebook: Mylittlecastle | Facebook 

Business Name: Mome2Mome

Owner: Regina Lawless

Contact:,Website:MomE 2 MomE LLC