Keeping Our Promise to SERVE

In 2009, at the height of the Great Recession, NVFS made one of the most important decisions in our 90+ year history. We merged with SERVE, a beloved and highly regarded organization that has addressed the emergency needs of residents in that community and beyond for four decades.

Through the merger, SERVE brought to NVFS a long tradition of community support and generosity, as well as a beautiful five-acre campus, which is home to the only emergency family shelter in Manassas.

Since that time, we have provided a safety net for thousands of families while continuing to make monthly payments and pay interest on the $1.5 million, 23-year-mortgage on the SERVE Campus.

The time has come to pay off the mortgage — but we can only do that with your help.

In 2013, the Cecil & Irene Hylton Foundation awarded NVFS a generous matching grant to help pay off the mortgage. Three years later, the mortgage has been reduced to $511,012, with NVFS responsible for half under the matching agreement.

Ongoing monthly payments along with interest — adding up to more than $88,000 a year — prevent us from addressing the full depth of need in Prince William.

“Every dollar NVFS spends on the mortgage for the SERVE Campus is a dollar that is no longer available to provide services directly to those most in need. By paying off the mortgage, SERVE is able to focus its resources toward providing stability and a brighter future for the people of our community.” — Prince William County Supervisor Marty Nohe


  • $50,000 provides one year of home-visiting services for vulnerable new parents (approximately 25 families) whose children are at risk for poor childhood outcomes.
  • $10,000 covers rent deposit for 10 SERVE shelter clients and their families so they can build a more permanent, stable home.
  • $10,000 provides one year of health coverage to 20 children to provide them with access to proper care during critical development stages.
  • $5,000 provides 100 portable cribs to newborns in need so they have a safe space to sleep at night.
  • $5,000 provides 5 nights at the SERVE shelter for 10 families so they have a safe place to stay while they get back on their feet.
  • $5,000 buys 25,000 pounds of food to help stock the Hunger Resource Center during critical summer months.
  • $3,000 provides 9 months of prescription medication.
  • $88,000 Total

Our commitment to the residents of the Greater Prince William community continues today with a renewed sense of urgency as we call on the compassionate individuals and business leaders of Northern Virginia to lead NVFS’ SERVE Campus into its next chapter.

Thank you for Keeping Your Promise to SERVE.

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