Helping Clients Prepare For Job Searches and Interviews

Career Development

As a volunteer with our housing services, Dan has spent countless hours with homeless clients helping them write cover letters and resumes, improving their interviewing skills and assisting them with job searches. Clients build trust easily with Dan because he meets clients where they are and creates individualized plans with them so they can conquer employment barriers. Dan was recently nominated for a NVFS Volunteer Impact Award in recognition of his meaningful contributions, which truly make a positive difference.

Dan is a “power commuter” who works in Northern Virginia Monday-Thursday and spends Friday-Sunday at home in Pennsylvania with his family. Because he can’t be with his family during the week, Dan decided to spend his evenings volunteering instead of staying late at the office. He came to NVFS at the encouragement of a former NVFS board member. After doing some research, he was so impressed with our agency that he immediately began volunteering.

When asked about his favorite part of volunteering, Dan adamantly says, “the people.” He continues, “I am inspired regularly by learning the journeys and dreams of clients. I also find being around the great employees and volunteers of NVFS extremely uplifting.”

Encouraged to volunteer at an early age by his mother, Dan also views this as an opportunity to pass the volunteer torch to his 10-year-old son Kyle. We are equally inspired by Dan’s story and thank him for his empathy, selflessness and enthusiasm to help the most vulnerable members of our community.