Helping Others Discover Their Talents With Training Futures

Career Development

After leaving her home country of Morocco, where she obtained her Master’s Degree, Fatine found herself working minimum wage jobs in the U.S. because she lacked a U.S. Diploma. She was advised to go back to school in the States to earn her degree, but because tuition was so high and she was only working minimum wage, she couldn’t afford it.

NVFS’ Training Futures provided Fatine with job training that helped to kick off her career in the U.S.

“Training Futures helped me find my true calling,” shared Fatine. “I believe finding what exactly you want to do in life and enjoy every moment is the right definition of success.”

Although Training Futures was not the easiest path, the support Fatine received from her family and Training Futures staff propelled her forward when times got tough.

“The Training Futures staff believed in me when I doubted myself,” stated Fantine.

Today, Fatine works as an International Coordinator at the Association for Talent Development after being offered the position closing a 3-week internship. She uses her bilingual skills to interact with professionals all over the world.

“I love my job supporting others in discovering their true talents,” says Fatine. “This is what Training Futures did for me and what I do for others with ATD.”