Family Engagement to Support Local Community Children

Homeless Shelter

The Huheey family — Amy Sue, Rob and their daughter, Justine — has been volunteering at the SERVE campus since 2001 when Justine was just 2 years old. Amy Sue and Rob became volunteers because they felt called to the work and liked how SERVE helps the community, especially families and children.

Each month, the Huheey family comes to SERVE to host a birthday party for shelter children who have birthdays that month.  For the Love of Cakes, a local nonprofit, donates personalized birthday cakes, the Huheeys hang festive decorations and lead activities with all of the children and those with birthdays that month receive a birthday gift.

“This family has a tangible enthusiasm for working with children.  All the kids love it when they show up, and it’s a guaranteed whirlwind of fun!” remarked Laura Bowles, Child Services Coordinator.  “As soon as the Huheeys appear, all the kids, regardless of age, want to get involved in the games and activities they bring!”

The Huheeys also support SERVE’s annual “Winter Wonderland Shop” by visiting the shelter as Santa, Mrs. Claus and the Elf Helper.  Shelter children get a visit and photo with Santa, and a small toy.  It always tugs at your heart to see the shelter children run up to Santa and give big hugs when they see him!

“The most gratifying part about volunteering at SERVE is working with the kids and seeing their excitement when we walk through the door.  Our family is thankful to be able to provide an hour or two of relief from current problems for these children,” said Amy Sue.

Justine added that the best part about volunteering at SERVE is playing with the shelter children.  She considers herself to be one of them, and has no trouble getting involved in the games and activities they are doing. Amy Sue added,  “More people should volunteer.  The real reward of volunteering is showing up and being involved with the clients, learning that they are just like anybody else you come in contact with.”