Finding Fulfillment and Purpose With Training Futures

Career Development

Before Ilshat found Training Futures, he was working two jobs to make ends meet. He was looking for an opportunity to streamline his career while gaining knowledge in business culture in the States, as well as sharpen his English language skills.

When he found Training Futures, he immediately immersed himself in learning. Over time, he was able to overcome language barriers, become more confident in his computer skills and provide for his family by assisting him in landing a full-time job with growth opportunities.

“Training Futures enabled me to have a life-long career, enjoy and support myself and my family and help others who, like me, were struggling to survive,” said Ilshat.

Today, Ilshat works at Booz Allen Hamilton as a Records Information Management Consultant, and he’s been there for 9 years. He was able to purchase a car of his own and has since referred friends to the Training Futures program.

“I referred my friend to Training Futures, and we kept in touch. We fell in love, got married and have a baby,” Ilshat shared.