Homeless Shelter

“My perspective is forever changed, not to mention my path.”

Despite being employed at the time of his arrival, Joshua still spent every hour of everyday wondering where he was going to sleep that night. Time spent worrying about shelter and meals detracted from time spent working and moving up in the company in which he was employed.

It wasn’t until he arrived at Bailey’s Crossroads Community Shelter (BCCS) that he was able to refocus his energies from seeking nightly shelter to focusing on his career, spending time with his mother, and his health.

“[BCCS] has given me the ability to focus on my employer and allowed me to plan for the next year and a half of my life without the stresses or distractions of figuring out (on a nightly basis) where I was going to sleep, shower, and eat while also still being able to maintain my job,” Joshua stated when asked how BCCS has impacted his life thus far.

Since day one, Joshua has been pleased with the staff and accommodations of Bailey’s Crossroads Community Shelter in providing support and assistance with maintaining and furthering his career and securing stable housing for guests once they leave the shelter.

“The experience here overall has been beyond exceptional. The staff has been helpful in helping me locate housing, and a plan to help me secure housing has been put into play,” Joshua added.

Since arriving at BCCS, Joshua has moved from a seasonal associate to a full-time, benefited position as IT Equipment Coordinator and is on the path to securing permanent, stable housing for himself.

“I would highly recommend Bailey’s to anyone who is genuinely trying to do something to better themselves. I truly feel blessed to have experienced the people here at Bailey’s.”