NVFS’ Partnership With HealthWorks Saves Lives


Many in our region who are uninsured and struggling to pay bills are often faced with making a decision between critical medications, and other basic needs such as putting a roof over their children’s heads and food on the table. When health is secondary, the overall stability and well-being of the family’s foundation is weakened. 

Here is how, through our partnership with HealthWorks, we were able to assist one of our neighbors and transform not only his health and outlook, but allow him to care for his family as well:

“I have been a type II diabetic for nearly 20 years. I now requires insulin to control my blood glucose levels. I have been fortunate to have been able to manage my diabetes very well over that period.

“In 2014, I left my job as a registered nurse and relocated to Northern Virginia to care for my ailing mother. I had essentially been provided with “room and board”, but otherwise, I had been loving off of my savings and had no income.

“When I sought treatment at HealthWorks the following year, I learned that, because Virginia had changed the terms for coverage under the Affordable Care Act, I was no longer qualified for the same coverage I had previously in another state. I had just used my last vial of insulin, and my fasting blood sugar (FBS) was about 775 ppm. That level lands most people in the emergency room, and I could not have survived for any length of time.

“Through NVFS’ Prescription Access Program (PAP) and its partnership with HealthWorks, I have been provided with insulin that maintains my FBS at less than 120 ppm. If I were to have to pay for my insulin, the cost would be about $1,400 per month. More recently, PAP has made it possible for me to add a new expensive medication – beyond what I could afford – to control my FBS. In combination with my insulin, I am achieving FBS ranging from 60 to 70 ppm. That is super!

“I am very grateful to the staff at HealthWorks and the PAP program. Without their hard work and care and the medications available through the PAP program, I could not maintain my health – nor the care of my mother. Thank you.”

– John S.