Honing Professional Skills and Finding Joy With Training Futures

Career Development

Kamina discovered NVFS’ Training Futures while working at Home Depot and raising her newborn daughter and longing to be more financially stable to provide for her growing family.

“My biggest challenge as an employee were punctuality and time management,” Kamina shared. “Since Training Futures simulated an office environment, they helped me understand what it meant to be on time and manage time effectively.”

Through focus and determination, Kamina started working as an Administrative Assistant for National Skills Coalition upon graduating from Training Futures where she provides administrative support to an organization geared toward advocating for workforce education.

“I knew it was the perfect job for me,” says Kamina. “Being successful means joy and happiness. I am successful because I have joy and happiness in every aspect of my life.”

Watch: Training Futures’ impact on both Kamina and National Skills Coalition