Going From Homelessness to Corporate Promotions With Training Futures

Career Development

After becoming homeless in another state, Meridith moved to Virginia with her children with no financial assistance. After landing a job at K-Mart, Meridith still needed to supplement her income with food stamps and Medicaid. That’s when she found NVFS’ Training Futures.

After enrolling in Training Futures, Meridith began learning a multitude of new skills and even discovered she has a proficiency for typing. Not only did Meredith grow professionally, but she grew personally as well.

“I learned something new about myself every day,” she shared.

Upon graduating from Training Futures, Meridith accepted the position of administrative assistant at Capital One. She has since promoted two times, purchased a home with her new husband, and is expecting a child.

“One of the proudest moments of my life was when I showed the welfare office my check and said, “I don’t need your help anymore.””

Meridith looks forward to the future and continuing to share her story.

“If I can give back by helping just one person from giving up on their second chance in life, I’ve succeeded.”