Celebrating Our Partnership With Parties 2 Inspire

Homeless Shelter
Parties 2 Inspire brings cheer and family fun to guests at the Hilda Barg Homeless Prevention Center

At NVFS, we are always impressed with the creativity and enthusiasm our volunteers bring to their experiences through our programs. They’re always delighted to help and eager to put a smile on someone’s face. Parties 2 Inspire is no exception, with its energetic dance parties, engaging children’s activities and all-around family fun.

Hawanya Turner, president at Parties 2 Inspire, shares how the organization enjoys giving back through NVFS.

With all the nonprofits in the DC area, why does Parties 2 Inspire choose to work with NVFS?

Parties 2 Inspire is a fairly new and young nonprofit; we inspire hope and fun through parties and education. NVFS’ operations at the Hilda Barg Homeless Prevention Center presented the perfect location and atmosphere to serve our community. At Hilda Barg, you are embraced by a caring environment when interacting with the families and NVFS employees.

What has inspired you to continue to donate your time to NVFS?

We enjoy giving parties at the Hilda Barg Center. We are dancing, playing games, teaching science, giving prizes and favors, or enjoying food. We are rewarded immensely from the smiles, hugs and feedback we receive. Each party we come with the mission of leaving our heart prints on the families, but at the end of the event, they have enlarged our hearts with the feeling we made a difference. It is a rewarding feeling that makes you return excited about giving parties.

What has been your favorite volunteer experience?

Parties 2 Inspire has experienced so many favorable moments. For example, when our guests are lined up outside the door excited to come in, we feel like rock stars. When little children just give you hugs because they are grateful for the party. When a little girl told my teenage volunteer she wanted to be a pharmacist just like her. When you see generations of families (grandmothers, moms and daughters) doing line dancing or participating in a fashion show. When you see the joy on a young boy’s face from not giving up when he was able to get the electric motor to work. When you see fathers playing games or participating in sock soccer with their sons. There are so many countless and heartfelt moments these are only a few.

Anything else you would like to share regarding your experience with NVFS?

Parties 2 Inspire is grateful for the work NVFS provides in our community. It exemplifies unity and love when people and organizations work together to create and inspire a better world for people — especially our children to allow them to dream bigger and soar higher!

Past Volunteer Events by Parties 2 Inspire

August 2018
The Parties 2 Inspire crew for hosting a retro party at the Hilda Barg Homeless Prevention Center! Shelter guests enjoyed fun for the whole family including games, prizes, dancing, science and favors.

February 2018

Parties 2 Inspire threw a “Love 2 Party” fiesta at the Hilda Barg Homeless Prevention Center. Hilda Barg guests enjoyed the games, dancing, music and food.

May 2017

Parties 2 Inspire hosted a Mother’s Day party at the Hilda Barg Homeless Prevention Center for the families. It was a fantastic way to celebrate all of the love and support our families give to each other.