NVFS Offers a Jump Start to Self-Sufficiency

Early Childhood Development

Ranjit stared lovingly at the tiny newborn cradled in her arms. Cooing softly, she tried to keep her worries at bay. Alone. No family. No affordable child care. Work demanding her immediate return. What were her options?

The cost of child care outweighed her income, causing her savings to dwindle. Eventually, she could no longer afford her home and became homeless. Ranjit slid into depression.

As her situation seemed to become bleaker, a small ray of hope shone through. At just the right time, Ranjit heard about NVFS’ Early Head Start program. It would provide full-day, full-year care in an environment that would foster her child’s development. NVFS’ Early Head Start program would care for her child as she would.

After her infant was accepted, Ranjit started working again. After saving enough and with a little help from NVFS’ rental assistance program, Ranjit and her baby moved into a new home. It was a big moment for her and the first of many to come. Her second victory was securing reliable transportation through NVFS’ Vehicles for Change program. With a car of her own and her baby being safely cared for during the day, Ranjit could finally pursue better opportunities for her financial and professional growth.

At the time, the Early Head Start center was hiring for teachers. Based on her previous work experience, her NVFS case worker suggested she apply. That was two years ago, and Ranjit has been happily working with NVFS ever since.

“I feel myself growing and being a self-dependent woman,” Ranjit shares. “NVFS has helped me to grow and encouraged me to continue my education in early childhood at community college.”

Ranjit grows more confident with each passing day, both as a mother and as an educator. Excited to be building a beautiful life for her and her child, she also enjoys extending her knowledge and care to the young minds in her classroom. She knows that healthy families make up the heart of healthy communities. “NVFS is helping families to grow to be self-dependent,” she states.