"You feel like you're part of the change."

Early Childhood Development

Rashanda began her career at NVFS as a youth outreach coordinator and has transitioned to new roles within early childhood development, most recently as health and nutrition coordinator for NVFS’ Head Start and Early Head Start programs.

“Working for Northern Virginia Family Service has really been humbling to me as I’ve watched this agency grow and as I become aware of our community needs and how our agency can support the community needs,” she shares.

The FISH! philosophy and culture that permeate the agency make it a fun, exciting place to work as well.

“I think we’re innovative, I think we’re energetic,” she lauds. “And I think our ability to take risks and just reach out to the community has helped us expand.”

“You feel like you’re part of the change,” she adds. “You feel like you make a difference, no matter what program you’re in.”