Giving Back Is a Family Affair for ShorePoint Inc.

Special Events

NVFS’ corporate engagement opportunities offer team-building and community stewardship benefits for local companies. But they can also be a source of celebration in and of themselves, as ShorePoint Inc. recently showcased in celebrating its one-year anniversary with a service project at NVFS’ SERVE Campus.

Not only did employees get busy deep-cleaning the kitchen in the shelter, spreading rubber mulch in the shelter playground, and helping in the Hunger Resource Center and administration building with other projects — they had an opportunity to bring their family members to volunteer alongside them.

“Our employees are very important to us, and we are very cognizant that they are supported by family members that miss them when they are gone to work,” shares Matt Brown, CEO and co-founder at ShorePoint, Inc. “It is also important for us to get to know our team’s families as it further deepens the bond of how best we can support our team members and build alignment with the mission of the company.”

Brown shares more insights behind the company’s family-friendly anniversary activity:

Q: What inspired you to celebrate your one-year anniversary giving back through NVFS? 

A: One of the core principles that guides ShorePoint as a company is a culture of giving back to our community. As we came upon our one-year anniversary, we as a leadership team wanted to hold an event that celebrates our success while also adhering to our commitment to be good stewards of our community.

Q: What has been your employees’ response to the event?  

It has been overwhelmingly positive. We received many comments from our team members that they enjoyed the time together and felt great about the progress we all made as a company in completing the tasks that NVFS had identified. We also held a team happy hour after the time spent at NVFS, so it was a great day of giving back and enjoying each other’s company to reflect on the last year as a group, as well as the feel-good vibes of the day.

Q: What did you personally enjoy most about the event?

A: I enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment of seeing a team of individuals come together and knock out the complete list of activities that NVFS asked us to accomplish. When we started the company a year ago, we wanted to create a viable company that supported our team members and included a culture of giving back. To see that vision come to fruition was an incredibly gratifying and motivating thing.

It was equally satisfying to see the gratitude from all of the NVFS members for our involvement in the community day. The employees and volunteers that we got to meet were incredibly inspiring in the mission they execute each and every day to break the cycle of poverty within the community.