Sharpening Skills While Uplifting the Community Through Volunteering

Administrative Skills

When Stephanie Whittle contemplated diving back into the professional workforce after her twins went off to college, she knew volunteering was a great start to brush up on her skills before re-entering the workforce.

“I thought volunteering would work well as an interim step for me,” shared Whittle. “NVFS’ posting caught my attention because it was in an area that I was interested in exploring and NVFS’ mission of serving families was also in line with my interests.”

Whittle has been a dedicated volunteer with NVFS since December 2017 and has dedicated her talents to supporting NVFS in an administrative capacity.

“Volunteering has not only helped me achieve my personal goal of enhancing my skills, but has also given me the opportunity to learn more about the range of needs in Northern Virginia,” said Whittle. “From housing to workforce training to early childhood education, NVFS is helping to meet those needs, and it’s personally rewarding to be able to use some of my gifts and abilities to help NVFS serve our community.”

NVFS is thankful for her enthusiasm here in the Oakton office, as well as her dedication to both the work she does and the organization as a whole.

“It’s great to be a part of a community that cares for one another; one where we each do our part to give what we have to offer to make things better for others,” Whittle concluded. “And, as a volunteer, that’s important to know: NVFS values their volunteers.”

Thank you, Stephanie, for choosing to volunteer with NVFS!