Helping Kids Discover Their Potential In Homework Club

Youth Development

Since April 2017, William Schuppert has been spending one hour a week assisting children at the SERVE Family Shelter with their homework through the Homework Club. William became interested in volunteering with NVFS after seeing a request volunteers for childcare and homework assistance while parents at the shelter were participating in educational courses to further their job prospects and build skills for the workplace.

“It struck me as something being really helpful and worthwhile to do,” said William. “These adults are trying to better themselves and their families, and I felt that this was a really good cause worth volunteering for.”

William’s favorite aspect of volunteering with NVFS is interacting with the guests of the SERVE shelter, as well as the staff. He also looks forward to building relationships with guests at the shelter, and after seeing them on a weekly basis, he’s beginning to value the connections.

“I had some great teachers growing up, so being able to assist kids with homework or adults with computer questions is a chance to repay the help I got when I was younger,” William added.

Apart from finding fulfillment in helping children understand and complete their homework, William also leaves the shelter feeling proud of the connections he forms with the guests at the SERVE shelter.

“I think being in the situation where you are focused on others and not yourself is healthy,” shared William. “It gives you a perspective on your own life, while at the same time connecting you with new people from your community.”

William goes into each volunteer shift with the goal of listening and simply connecting with another person, a person he might not typically cross paths with out in the community.

“I leave NVFS with a rewarding feeling that came from helping another person, which is why I would encourage people to volunteer with this charitable organization.”

Thank you, William, for your dedication to NVFS’ SERVE Family Shelter and the Homework Club. You are making a difference!