History in the Making: How One Supporter Found NVFS

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NVFS is known for its long history of serving the community, so it’s no surprise that history is how Xenia Garofalo discovered NVFS.

“I was reacquainting myself with [Alexander Hamilton’s] history and background – how he came from less-than-ideal circumstances but, with community support, propelled to great heights and was a founding father of this great nation,” she shares. “Not only did his story resonate, but it made me consider how much untapped potential we have in our own community and how the key to unlocking the potential is making sure the right resources are provided for those who need them. NVFS was the first hit on Google when I typed in the search terms that I thought would lead me to the type of organization that cared about investing in the people of the community.”

Although she’s relatively new to the organization, Xenia has already jumped in to support, including her recent participation in our Village of Impact service activities. We asked her a few questions about how she has been inspired by NVFS’ work and why others should get involved.

What has been your favorite experience or inspiration from NVFS?
It is really an amalgamation of experiences and inspirational factors. The NVFS website was the first inspiring factor, followed by the packet and brochures I was sent with a handwritten note of thanks from NVFS’ Annual Giving Manager, Alyssa Lee. Meeting with members of the NVFS team and speaking to one of its key board members also has been inspiring and showed a depth of commitment I found moving. All of the foregoing factors pointed to a degree of investment in NVFS by its members and sponsors that few of the other organizations I support exhibit. My relationship with NVFS is about 6 months old, so I do not have as much hands-on experience just yet and I am looking forward to participating in a more direct manner over the years.

What advice would you give to someone who may be looking to support and get more involved in their local community?
Dig in! If you can’t participate, contribute. If you can’t contribute, then participate and volunteer. If you are able to do both, even better! Waiting for the “right time” to contribute or volunteer might mean it doesn’t happen. The impact one person can have on another person, a family, a community, a country and this world is immeasurable.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about joining the Village of Impact?
Join now! It is great to meet like minded members of the community. I look forward to participating in more events.