Health Access Assistant

SERVE Campus,

10056 Dean Dr.

, Manassas VA 20110


The Health Access Assistant will support the Health Access Program supervisor with day-to-day operations to assist in providing service to clients.


  • Update electronic client files using NVFS’ specific database/Apricot
  • Follow-up with clients and prospective clients via phone
  • Assist with conducting client intake, surveys, etc.
  • Help create health literacy education collateral material for distribution at events in the community
  • Attend community events online and in-person when available (about once a quarter)
  • Other office duties as required including, making copies and sending faxes, helping organize hard copy files and program materials.


  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Must be Bilingual (Spanish/English)
  • Be flexible, reliable and quick learner
  • Must be familiar with Google doc, Canva or other graphic design software/program
  • Must have some knowledge of data entry and be computer savvy
  • Should be outgoing, takes initiative, organized and approachable
  • Must have computer/laptop and internet access at home
  • Must be comfortable with coming on-site when necessary


  • Ensure members of the community have access to some kind of health care resources
  • Learn more about nonprofit organizations are addressing issue of health disparity in certain communities


Time:                     Varies based on weekly projects (average 2-4 hours a week)

Group friendly: No
Family friendly: No
Age restriction: 18 years and older
Navara Cannon
(571) 748-2536


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