3 Ways You Can Act As a Community Advocate

When asked to define “community advocate,” we may first think of activities such as attending national marches or chanting while holding up handmade signs and banners. It is similar to but not the same as lobbying, which involves persuading for action on a specific piece of legislation.

A community advocate publicly supports or recommends a specific cause or policy, or is a voice for the voiceless. High-profile issues include people with disabilities, women’s rights or equal employment opportunities, to name a few. What if you could be a community advocate on your own time?

At NVFS, we pride ourselves on giving back to our community. NVFS advocates for families and individuals in need in Northern Virginia. We’re always looking for an extra set of helping hands. Consider joining us as a volunteer and hop onto the path to advocacy!

What you can start doing right now
  1. Community Involvement
    Research places to volunteer your time, money or services, or check out our website for volunteering opportunities.
  2. Take a Stand
    Find something that’s important to you, and stick to it!
  3. Use Your Voice
    Participate in town hall meetings, write letters to the editors of local news outlets, and share your stories and perspectives.

Search for opportunities and start your journey of advocacy here.