Area Business Donates Birthday Parties to NVFS Foster Children

Oakton, VA, February 19, 2008- Children laughing and running about. Decorations covering tables, counters and walls, themed around a particular interest. Balloons, hats, cake and goody bags. Relatives and friends filling the room. All are hallmarks of a child’s birthday party. Yet for children in foster care, this can be yet another loss they must endure after leaving their families. Therefore, it was with great pleasure that Northern Virginia Family Service (NVFS) announced the donation of birthday parties for each of the children and youth in its foster care program.

“We are thrilled by the generous commitment All About Parties has made to help ensure that children in the care of NVFS know that they are valued and cherished, despite the current circumstances of their lives,” stated Mary Agee, NVFS president and CEO.

Many foster children and youth have been uprooted from all that is familiar to them and placed in a life of uncertainty, where people who are strangers to them are making all the decisions about what happens in their lives. It can be disconcerting and frustrating. For that reason, All About Parties offered a complete party package (decorations, supplies, goody bags, hats and cake), centered around the interests of the children and youth, to each of NVFS foster parents.

“We believe that a child’s birthday should be a special moment in time, a celebration of all that is good and unique about him or her,” stated Tory Woods, co-founder of All About Parties. “Knowing that children in foster care are less likely to have such a celebration in their current circumstances, we wanted to see if we could help facilitate one.”

The first party took place Saturday, February 9, 2006, with several more planned over the next few weeks. The child’s biological family, foster family and friends were all in attendance at his Spiderman themed party, bridging the gap between his life before and after entering into care.

Helping children in foster care is accomplished best through partnerships with governments, social agencies and community members. Woods and co-founder Melissa Reed have donated their time and expertise in support of the children and youth in our communities in need of nurturing care.

The brainchild of Tory Woods and Melissa Reed, All About Parties is geared toward helping people provide individualized parties to celebrate the special moments of their lives. They offer a variety of party packages and will work with any venue. For more information, visit