Booz Allen Hamilton Employees Discover a Passion for Service Through NVFS

Northern Virginia Family Service (NVFS) dedicates its time and efforts to ensuring every individual and family in need in the Northern Virginia community receives the services and assistance they need in order to thrive. One of the most rewarding aspects about supporting and empowering those in our community is partnering with other organizations whose beliefs reflect and support our own. Booz Allen Hamilton is a proud supporter of NVFS, providing its time, talent and funds to support our organization through our events and specific programs, such as Training Futures. Through its continued support and partnership with NVFS, clients in NVFS’ Training Futures program are being provided with invaluable knowledge in workforce etiquette, interview techniques and resume building to help them secure full-time career-track jobs.

Stephanie Fentress, Community Partnerships Manager, shares the importance of Booz Allen Hamilton’s role in aiding in the transformation of our clients’ lives and what the partnership means for Booz Allen Hamilton as a company.

With so many nonprofits in the DC area, why does Booz Allen Hamilton choose to support NVFS?

A number of Booz Allen’s nonprofit partnerships began because of the passionate service of our employees. Over the years, hundreds of employees have volunteered for NVFS, specifically Training Futures. We continue to support the organization that allows our employees to connect with their colleagues, and further an important mission set forth by NVFS.

How has Booz Allen Hamilton continued to engage in the work of NVFS over the years?

Booz Allen employees have supported NVFS in a number of ways over the years. More recently, our MENA Forum (which stands for our Middle East North Africa employee resource group) employees mentored and coached trainees in the Training Futures program on resume building, e-mail communications skills and interview techniques.

What impact does Booz Allen Hamilton feel it has been able to achieve through NVFS? What sets NVFS apart that makes it a unique partnership for Booz Allen Hamilton?

Booz Allen encourages our employees to demonstrate their passionate service whenever they can. Through our partnership with NVFS, we have been able to identify numerous ways for our employees to do so. We can always depend on NVFS to engage our employees in opportunities that make our Northern Virginia community better for all, and we look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.

Booz Allen Hamilton’s support of NVFS helps its employees discover and demonstrate their passion for service, and we are glad to share those experiences with them.