CARE Community Spotlight: BBG

While 2020 brought a year of uncertainty, one thing that has remained constant is BBG’s commitment to giving back. Through the BBGCARES program, BBG shows their commitment to helping support the community. This unwavering commitment is part of why BBG has been a recipient of the NVFS CARE Award since 2016.

What makes BBGCARES unique? Well, for starters, they offer a variety of ways to get involved—from step challenges to food drives to cash donations, there’s something for everyone. Further, BBGCARES is truly a community effort; including clients, family, and friends in addition to employees in their efforts. BBG is so committed to community engagement that they even have calls with clients to discuss how they can create their own philanthropy program within their workplace in hopes of inspiring and supporting additional giving programs.

“BBG and the BBGCARES Program is an excellent example of how corporate partners strengthen our region,” said Stephanie Berkowitz, NVFS President and CEO. “Their commitment to giving back truly shows what it means to be a CARE-ing company.”

Want some inspiration? Here’s a snapshot of what BBG did over the last few months:

  • In July, BBG hosted a virtual step challenge which included staff, friends, family, and clients. Nearly 100 participants walked 6,688.6 miles and raised $3756.65 for NVFS within 30 days! As an added incentive, BBG partnered with a local gym (VIDA Fitness) to offer complimentary fitness classes to make it easier for challenge participants to add activity and movement to their day.
  • In November, BBG placed a bulk grocery order to support A Place to Stand’s Thanksgiving food drive to ensure food-insecure students in Fairfax County had Thanksgiving groceries. They provided cans of cranberry sauce, pumpkin puree, and cornbread mixes (250 of each!), as well as a financial contribution to supply additional pantry items.
  • In December, BBG donated to RIP Medical Debt. With their resources and purchasing power, BBG’s contributions eliminated $1,000,000 in medical debt within the mid-Atlantic region.

A key part of BBG’s successful community engagement strategy is ensuring that employees are bought into BBGCARES. To do this, staff feedback is sought annually to create the company’s monthly giving calendar for the year. Additionally, the company incorporates community engagement into this like their BBG Spirit Week, done this year though “Be Kind Day” which resulted in employees supporting the community by donating to their favorite organization; donating meals to first responders; lending a hand to their neighbors; mailing cards and letters to loved ones, etc. Allowing employees to weigh in on who BBG supports and to determine the ways in which they want to get involved encourages positive action and participation in company-sponsored activities.

NVFS firmly believes that our community is stronger and more resilient when we tackle challenges and face the future together. We are grateful for the role that BBG plays in supporting so many in our community!


For nearly 30 years, the CARE Awards has recognized outstanding companies proactively making our region a better place for everyone to work, live, and play. CARE shines a light on exceptional businesses and the ways they help to strengthen our economy, bolster their bottom lines, and make our region stronger.