Community Awards Matter to Employees: The NVFS CARE Awards

The Importance of the NVFS CARE Awards in the DC Metro Area

The CARE Awards, one of the region’s oldest workplace community awards, initially focused on Northern Virginia, and now recognizes outstanding companies from across the DC Metro Area.  For more than thirty years, CARE has highlighted businesses that excel, not only in their services or products, but also in creating robust company cultures characterized through:

  • Community Engagement
  • Open Communication
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Flexible Work Environments
  • Employee Development and Wellbeing

The CARE Awards are particularly unique because the awarding committee is comprised of industry professionals familiar with the nuanced landscape of work in the DC Metro area, and the ways a company’s policies and practices can create a ripple effect of positive impact.

Calling all outstanding companiesThe CARE Awards committee works to review and identify companies with best practices that are not only innovative but create meaningful change. As such, CARE Companies—those that have won a CARE Award— represent more than just a good place to work, they are companies that recognize the importance of, and display the willingness to, do the work needed to contribute to the lives of their employees, their families, and the DC Metro Area community’s holistic wellbeing. They are companies that know that these best practices aren’t just good for the lives they touch, but good for business as well.

Read more about recent winners of the CARE Awards and their best practices: The CARE Awards Highlight Corporate Best Practices.

A special part of the CARE Awards is the community it creates. Winners can gather online, and in person, throughout the year during events, trainings, and, of course our annual CARE Awards where companies are presented their award, share their best practices, accomplishments, and get to network with other local businesses who know how important community focus is to their employees and business success.

During the past three – decades, the NVFS CARE Awards have celebrated companies that actively improve the regional community and make our area a great place to live, work, and play. Furthermore, we’ve seen how much CARE and other community awards matter to employees and jobseekers.

Keep reading to learn why these awards matter.

What Matters to Potential Employees?

When job seekers look for new opportunities, they prioritize finding a workplace that fosters community involvement and offers family-friendly benefits. Those who align their purpose with their work are more productive, healthier, more resilient, and more committed to their employer. This alignment enhances employee engagement and loyalty.

When searching for the right employer, prospective employees utilize a variety of resources to understand a company’s mission and culture.

LinkedIn advises:

Use various sources, such as their websites, social media, annual reports, reviews, or news articles, to learn more about their mission, vision, culture, and policies of an organization. Check if the organization has any awards, certifications, or recognitions for their social impact.

By doing so, job seekers can find an organization where the culture resonates with their values, which is crucial for long-term job satisfaction.

Recognitions like the “Best Place to Work” or the annual NVFS CARE Awards demonstrate a company’s excellent workplace culture and community involvement. Such recognition significantly impacts workforce attraction and retention.

Why Family-Friendly Benefits are Increasingly Important

Family-friendly policies are crucial in today’s workplace. According to the Willis Towers Watson’s 2020 Emerging Trends in Health Care Survey:

Almost six in ten employers (59%) say family-friendly policies have been essential to their talent strategy over the past three years to a great or very great extent, a figure expected to grow to 77% in the next two years” (Willis Towers Watson).

These policies create a trusting environment, inspire employees, and improve accountability and efficiency. In the past four years, the DC Metro Area has seen a surge in the importance of work-life balance and the search for family-friendly corporate policies by employment seekers.

By supporting working parents and caregivers, these benefits boost employee morale and make a company more competitive. Today, employers are particularly focused on:

  • Paid parental leave
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Childcare assistance

These benefits help retain talent and ensure employees can effectively balance their personal and professional lives.

When was the last time you reviewed your organization’s family-friendly policies? You may have a family-friendly work environment that you could showcase through the NVFS CARE Awards. Keep reading for more details!

The Power of Community Involvement in Creating a Positive Workplace Culture

Community involvement plays a pivotal role in building a positive workplace culture. It helps employees see their work as part of a larger mission aligned with their values. Activities in community engagement can significantly boost employee morale and enhance teamwork. Additionally, involvement in such initiatives often develops leadership and project management skills transferable to their professional roles.

Moreover, community engagement strengthens Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). “Research shows that demonstrating social responsibility in the community is a key driver of employee engagement” (SHRM).

Companies can deeply embed these values into their culture by creating opportunities for employees to act as ambassadors for these initiatives.

Community awards matter to employees because they recognize companies’ efforts to create positive work environments. If your company excels in these areas, consider applying for the 2024 NVFS CARE Awards and having your efforts recognized!

Through such recognitions, businesses gain a competitive edge and affirm their commitment to their employees and the broader community. Thus, community awards matter to employees, as they are tangible acknowledgments of a company’s dedication to creating a fulfilling and supportive workplace.